Mar 14 2012

Telework is on the Rise: Here's Why [Infographic]

The benefits of telework include increased productivity and time savings, according to survey.

It’s no secret that today’s mobile workforce is changing telework from simply being a nice idea to a productive reality. Most of us are now teleworkers in some capacity. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Wrike, a web-based project management software company, they found that 83 percent of the 1,074 respondents admitted to working remotely at least part of the day.

As teleworking becomes more prevalent, many companies can capitalize on the numerous advantages that telework offers — that is, if they keep their workers out of trouble.

But telework doesn't fit every company or job function. Nurses, for example, can't treat patients if they're not physically there to attend to their needs.

However, those respondents who were able to successfully telework noted that they are actually more productive away from the office and the casual distraction from other colleagues. Either way you look at it, there are pros and cons to teleworking, a few of which are provided below that respondents pointed out.

Pros of teleworking:

  1. 41 percent said time savings
  2. 29 percent said increased productivity
  3. 10 percent said telework allowed them to focus on work, not office policies

Cons teleworking:

  1. 27 percent said lack of direct communication
  2. 21 percent said data accessibility is hindered
  3. 19 percent said teleworking meant that they had poor visibility into colleagues' activities

Here are a few additional highlights from the infographic.

  • 66 percent believe that their office might go fully virtual by 2015
  • 78 percent of employees would forgo free meals for the opportunity to work remotely
  • 89 percent of respondents consider working remotely as one of the 3 main job perks
  • 91 percent would abandon social communication tools for the opportunity to work remotely

View the infographic in full via Mashable

Telework infographic


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