Mar 09 2012

Mobile Technology: It Does a Small Business Good

Industry white paper highlights research that shows positive impact for businesses that embrace mobility.

Mobile computing isn’t just a consumer revolution, it’s also changing the way businesses work. Industry analyst Frost & Sullivan has published a white paper on the benefits of mobile computing for small businesses titled, “Mobile Solutions for Today’s Small Business: The Need for Affordable, Easy-to-Use Products and Support.”

In a survey sponsored by Sprint, Frost & Sullivan polled small and medium-sized businesses to find out how mobile devices have impacted their work. One key area in which SMBs found significant ROI was in mobile applications. Tech Journal South reported on the findings; among them, that the ROI on mobile apps resulted in:

  • Reduced paperwork
  • Reduced labor expense
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Higher job completion rates
  • More accurate billing
  • Expedited cash flow

What makes mobile computing so great?

As Frost & Sullivan analyst Jeanine Sterling tells Tech Journal South: “Mobile technology should be viewed by smaller businesses as the solution, not as a struggle. Properly implemented, mobile offerings are saving money, are increasing productivity and revenues, and are making customers happy.”

For more on the mobile computing and small business white paper, read the full story on Tech Journal South.