Mar 17 2012

BizTech's Top Five Stories for the Week of March 9, 2012

A roundup of the most popular stories published for the week of the 9th.

There's a big shift happening in the way we work. For much of the past century, workers have had to commute to an office for work. But thanks to mobile technology like notebook computers, wireless Internet and remote access, work doesn't have to be tied to one location. The multiple benefits of telework were detailed in an infographic.

Check out this story and more from the week in BizTech below:

1. Telework is on the Rise: Here's Why [Infographic]

The benefits of telework include increased productivity and time savings, according to survey.

2. How Much Work is Actually Getting Done in Coffee Shops?Popping into a Wi-Fi–equipped coffee shop or restaurant for work is a growing trend, but one analyst questions if it’s productive. 

3. Must-Read IT Blogger Q&A: Hu Yoshida

This IT blogger is a believer in all things storage.

4. When Ex-Employees Attack: How IT Should Respond

An IT worker shares his horrifying experience after a former coworker wreaked havoc through a deactivated Exchange account.

5. Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You: 3D Computing

Apple and Microsoft are already experimenting with technology that takes computing to the next dimension.


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