Mar 31 2012

BizTech's Top Five Stories fpr the Week of March 23, 2012

A roundup of the most popular stories published for the week of the 23rd.

Food trucks and street food have gained in popularity thanks to their unique, creative and ethnic flavors. While preparing and serving food on the go comes with its own set of challenges, one thing food truck operators don't have to worry about is collecting electronic payments. Mobile payment solutions for tablets and smartphones are helping small businesses get a leg up with their easy-to-use payment systems.

Check out this story and more from the week in BizTech below:

1. Food Trucks: Where Mobile Payments Meet Mobile Food

Mobility is not only transforming the way we communicate, it’s also changing the way we eat  

2. How Malware Has Evolved Over the Years [Infographic]Hackers have been on the prowl since 1986, and they’ve only gotten more sophisticated over time.

3. A Visual History of the Internet Browser

The browser wars of the past two decades have produced various winners and losers.

4. BYOD Is Good, but Not for Jailbroken and Rooted Smartphones


Companies should be open to workers bringing their own devices but wary of allowing hacked phones in.

5. The Mobile-App Economy Created 466,000 New Jobs, but What’s Next? 

Developing, maintaining and marketing mobile apps has turned into big business.

BizTech's Top Five Stories of the Week (03/23-03/30)

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