Feb 09 2012

Virtualizing Apps: Separating Myths from Reality

There are plenty of good reasons to move your business apps to the cloud.

Is your business still wrestling over whether it’s safe to virtualize applications and compute from the cloud? EMC and VMware have teamed up with IDG research to interview more than 500 senior IT leaders on their thoughts on application virtualization and settle any myths that might be floating around in enterprise IT workers’ minds.

The result of this research is a useful infographic that tackles three common myths about virtualization, followed by statistical realities from the study. The three myths are:

  • Virtualizing/licensing is too expensive.
  • Virtualization slows the performance of apps.
  • Virtualizing applications will reduce availability and threaten business continuity.

A few of the hard-hitting figures on virtualization realities from respondents include:

  • 61 percent reduced software licensing costs
  • 57 percent protected their investment in legacy applications
  • 60 percent achieved faster provisioning
  • 64 percent achieved less downtime and fewer outages
  • 77 percent improved resource utilization

For more on the EMC/VMware study, check out the infographic below, courtesy of CloudTweaks.

Myths and Reality of virutalized apps

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