Feb 14 2012

Product Spotlight: Computrace Complete

This Absolute program lets IT centrally manage the network’s end points.

In an increasingly mobile world, keeping track of network-connected devices is more critical than ever for maintaining the security and integrity of a business’s data. Absolute Software’s Computrace Complete lets network administrators monitor and manage their fleet of desktop and notebook systems, even when they are off the company’s network.

Through the Absolute Customer Center, administrators can track user identification and physical location, and enforce software policies, particularly those tied to government and corporate regulations. In the event of loss or theft, the software can help an organization recover its computers. Computrace uses geotechnology software to track assets on an Internet map that includes current and historical locations. Predefined areas, or geofences, can also be built to send alerts if a device strays outside a boundary beyond a set time limit.

Sensitive data can also be deleted on missing computers, and an audit log of the deleted files can be produced to prove an organization’s compliance with government and corporate privacy regulations. Alternatively, the Device Freeze feature can lock a device and display a custom message to encourage the user to comply with IT’s requests for a specific action (such as returning the device or supplying user ID validation).

Absolute also offers Computrace Mobile. This program supports asset administration, device security and theft recovery for smartphones, tablets and netbooks.

Mobile Devices By The Numbers

1.2 billion Estimated number of worldwide mobile workers who will access enterprise systems — representing more than a third of the world’s workforce

48% Percentage of IT and security professionals concerned about securing mobile devices and platforms (compared with 9% in 2010)
SOURCE: Ponemon Institute

75% Percentage of organizations that allow at least some of their staff to use their own mobile devices for company work
SOURCE: Enterprise Device Alliance

830 million Anticipated number of business app users wielding smartphones and tablets by 2016
SOURCE: ABI Research

18% Percentage of IT departments in North America that provide limited support to some type of mobile devices
SOURCES:Forrester Research

16.6 billion The SMB market for mobile software as a service solutions by 2016
SOURCES:Strategy Analytics

$21,000 The average amount SMBs plan to spend this year on tablet purchases