Feb 29 2012

Digital Signage Makes Its Way to London Recycling Bins

More than just receptacles for waste, London recycling bins are now vessels of information.

Talk about maximizing efficiencies. London is busy putting the finishing touches on stadiums and other sporting facilities as it gears up to host the 2012 Summer Olympics in July. But the city has also decided to roll out a new set of recycling bins equipped with digital signage built by Renew, a London-based company, reports Discovery News.

The move allows the city to increase information touch points without having to build out new infrastructure just to mount the LCD screens. That means the official word on public-transportation delays, alerts and emergencies can go out much more quickly.

In addition to the public-safety information, Londoners will also be treated to digital news and information content from Bloomberg News, Time Out and the London Stock Exchange, reports Discovery News.

That means, for example, that you won’t have to look far for the ticker price on your newly acquired Facebook stock while exploring London at the Olympic Games this summer.

Have you seen other interesting examples of digital signage deployments in the wild?