Feb 25 2012

BizTech's Top Five Stories for the Week of February 17, 2012

A roundup of the most popular stories published for the week of the 17th.

If keeping goods and products in stock is a critical part of your business, making the switch to real-time inventory could be a watershed moment for your company. We profiled a few companies who made the switch, resulting in significant efficiencies in time, money and resources spent.

Check out this story and more from the week in BizTech below:

1. How Real-Time Inventory Management Is Changing Business


Businesses deploy tech tools that let them know what’s on the shelf right NOW.

2. Why Two Monitors Are Better Than One

If you want to increase your productivity, double up on your monitors.

4. Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Reduces Downtime


Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions can get SMBs back up and running in minutes.

5. 5 Backup Pointers for Mobile Devices


It’s up to the IT team to make this must-do job as simple and speedy as possible.


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