Feb 27 2012

The Big Fuss About Cloud and Small Business [Infographic]

SMBs are getting real results from using the cloud.

Cloud computing isn’t just for large enterprises; small businesses can reap the rich rewards of a cloud infrastructure too.

Moving operations and applications to the cloud allows small businesses to focus more on serving their business and customers, rather than focusing on technology.

Smallbiztechnology.com shares an infographic from Rackspace that highlights some of the key winners in leveraging cloud computing for small business:

  • 66 percent of small businesses are using the cloud today.
  • 74 percent of small businesses plan to use the cloud.
  • 80 percent of small commercial enterprise apps will be deployed on a cloud platform.
  • The cost of processing 50 $6 transactions through cloud payment processor Square is $198, compared with $417 through traditional processors.
  • Cloud-based call centers can cut costs up to 50 percent.
  • Top 5 uses of cloud include: web hosting, e-mail hosting, application hosting, backup and recovery, and content filtering.

Check out the full infographic from smallbiztechnology.com below.

cloud small biz infographic