Jan 09 2012

SMBs Have iPads at the Top of Their Wish Lists — Quick Take

The magic of tablet computing has many businesses under its spell.

The iPad revolution is marching on. Many businesses have already begun to experiment with Apple’s groundbreaking tablet device, but according to research from the NPD Group, there are plenty more waiting to get started with iPad deployments.

Proving that the iPad is more than just a consumer device, businesses appear eager to experiment and incorporate the tablet for increased mobility, broader access and higher customer engagement.

More stats from the NPD Group press release below:

Among the SMBs surveyed, 73 percent said they plan to purchase tablets over the next 12 months, up from 68 percent in The NPD Group’s second quarter survey. An overwhelming number, 90 percent, of all firms anticipate spending the same amount or more on tablets over the next 12 months. The average investment an SMB will spend on tablets is projected to exceed $21,000 over the next 12 months, but depending on company size, the intent and amount spent changes drastically.

Among the larger firms (501 – 999 employees), 89 percent plan to purchase new tablets, which is up 8 percent from the second quarter of 2011, and 95 percent are planning to increase or maintain their spending levels. On average, the larger firms plan to spend nearly $39,000 on tablet hardware.

Read more about the hunger for tablets on the NPD Group’s site.

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