Jan 17 2012

Absolute Software Celebrates 22,000 Notebooks Recovered

The company’s Computrace persistence technology saves the day, prevents data leaks.

Mobile devices are prone to theft because users lug them around as they go about their day and often walk away from them, however briefly, making them prime targets. But notebook thieves beware: Absolute Software’s Computrace technology knows who you are and it will find you.

Absolute recently celebrated more than 22,000 successful notebook theft recoveries, and in honor of this milestone, the mobile-device security company shared some of its recovery stories. Here are a few of the more interesting notebook recovery cases:

Biggest Bust: The $100,000 Recovery

A Flint, Mich.-based community college professor arrived in his classroom one day to find that four laptops were missing. Lucky for the college, the campus computers were protected with Computrace. After receiving the police report, the Absolute Theft Recovery team used digital forensics and other investigative techniques that allowed police to identify and locate the suspect. With a search warrant in hand, police recovered more than $100,000 in collateral — filling up an entire police car with stolen campus goods including computers, digital cameras and personal items belonging to campus employees.

Most Notorious Criminal Nabbed: The Khaki Bandit

Wearing business-casual clothing, Eric Almly (aka the Khaki Bandit) followed unsuspecting office workers into secure buildings. Once inside, Almly targeted laptops, making off with 150 from offices in five states. Ultimately, the stolen computers were the key to his capture, since one of the laptops had Computrace technology installed and activated. Using information provided by the Absolute Theft Recovery team, police were led directly to Almly, who was immediately arrested.

Most Dangerous Recovery: An Explosive Situation Defused

An ex-employee stole a company laptop before leaving the business. Using digital forensic tools, the Absolute Theft Recovery team was able to identify the user, who was actively searching for bomb-making materials. In addition to working directly with police, Absolute alerted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and the laptop was recovered — alongside several dangerous, improvised explosive devices.

Have you ever been the victim of a notebook theft? Did you use software to recover your device?

Read more about the Absolute’s notebook recovery theft stories on Absolute’s site.