Jan 24 2012

9 Cloud Computing Stats to Watch in 2012

How much will cloud computing change in the new year?

The buzz around cloud computing isn’t evaporating into thin air — it’s turning into real planning and implementations by IT organizations.

In 2011, only 20 percent of respondents in the BitNami, Cloud.com and Zenoss 2011 Cloud Computing Outlook survey said they had no plans of doing anything with the cloud, as ReadWriteWeb reports. The rest of the respondents either already had a cloud implementation running or were in various stages of planning for one.

How do you think these cloud computing stats will change in 2012?

1. Cloud Computing Plans for 2011

Only 32% of respondents were gathering input for a computing strategy

2. Virtualization and Hypervisor Usage

The majority of respondents (61%) were choosing VMware as their virtualization option

3. Server Deployment Preferences

36% of respondents had virtual servers running in their own dedicated hardware in their own data center

4. Types of Cloud Computing Used in 2011

59% use the cloud to compute whereas 51% use the cloud for storage

5. Most Popular Guest Operating Systems in the Cloud

Linux is the most popular at 83 percent.

6. Perceived Benefits from Cloud Computing

68% see hardware savings as the biggest benefit from the cloud

7. Stance on Using Open Source Software

Only 3% of respondents don’t use it at all in comparison to 69% that use it whenever possible

8. Factors Driving the Adoption of Cloud Computing

54% view overall cost savings at one of the greatest factors driving their adoption of the cloud

9. Cloud Computing Use Cases

61% use the cloud for development/test lab

Check out the infographic below for more information

Cloud Computing Outlook 2011