Dec 29 2011

Intel Takes a Big Leap Into Mobile with Medfield Chip — Quick Take

The iconic chipmaker is ready to play hardball in the mobile market with its new chip.

Intel-based desktop and notebook computers have been a dominant force in the computing industry for the past two decades. But the shift to mobile computing has seen ARM-based chip designs, which use a single-system-on-a-chip approach, take the lead on mobile computing devices such as tablets and smartphones.

However, in a demonstration with MIT’s Technology Review, the company showed off demo devices using the company’s new single-system mobile chip, the Medfield Chip, reports GottaBeMobile.

The company is confident that the new chip should serve mobile devices well in the future, particularly with regard to battery life. GottaBeMobile has more details:

Intel is betting on a better user experience with the new processor. Instead of upping the cores, Intel is focusing on delivering where many phones fail — battery life. Even with the focus on long life, the prototypes reportedly handle smartphone tasks well. Web browsing was reportedly, “smooth and fast” and the device could play Blu-Ray quality video and stream it wirelessly to a TV. Intel has added circuits to the processor which are designed to speed up these common tasks and Android apps.

Read more about Intel’s Medfield chip and mobile devices on GottaBeMobile.

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