Sep 07 2011

50 Must-Read IT Blogs from BizTech

must read IT blogs

Blogging, the content revolution that has swept the Internet, has given an incredible number of voices a medium for airing ideas and building followings. This trend holds true in the IT field as well, with everyone from vendors and developers to CIOs and technicians joining in the conversation to discuss everything from cloud computing and server virtualization to the rise of tablets for business.

But it can be hard to separate worthwhile content from all the noise. So the BizTech team has crawled the web and put together this list of the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs for your convenience. 

Our list is a mix of independent, media, analyst and vendor blogs. You’ll recognize some big names, and you’ll find some unfamiliar names too (and if we’ve overlooked one of your favorite blogs, feel free to tell us in the comment section). Known or unknown, all of the blogs on this list have valuable content to contribute to the IT discussion.

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Absolute Software Blog

Absolute Software

Absolute Software offers software for managing and securing mobile devices, and its blog shares valuable insights for customers and noncustomers alike. Whether it’s the latest report on mobile security or a conversation-starting infographic, for those interested in mobile computing, the Absolute Blog is a handy source of information.

Follow: @absolutecorp | Read the blog: blog.absolute.com

Andrew McAfee's Blog

Andrew McAfee

Written by McAfee, a principal research scientist at MIT, this blog is an exploration of the intersections between business and IT. As the man who coined the phrase “Enterprise 2.0,” McAfee is well versed on the subject, and the proof is in his posts, which offer critical insights and analysis on trends, news and topics in business IT.

Follow: @amcafee | Read the blog: andrewmcafee.org/blog

Around the Storage Block

HP Storage Guy

Maintained by Calvin Zito, an IT professional since 1983, this blog explores all things storage within the HP universe. Zito offers tips, product announcements and multimedia podcasts for all storage enthusiasts.

Follow: @HPStorageGuy | Read the blog: Around the Storage Block


Chuck's Blog

Chuck Hollis

EMC doesn’t just offer top-tier products, they’ve also got some of the best minds in IT on their staff, and Chuck Hollis, global marketing vice president and CTO, is one of them. His posts are full of grand ideas and offer a big-picture point of view on IT.

Follow: @chuckhollis | Read the blog: chucksblog.emc.com


CIO Dashboard

Chris Curran

Targeted at CIOs and CTOs, the CIO Dashboard focuses on IT news and topics most useful to the leaders in business IT. Written by Chris Curran, a principal at PwC (formerly PricewaterhouseCoopers), this blog cuts straight to the chase and offers up practical ideas and advice.

Follow: @cbcurran | Read the blog: ciodashboard.com


Cisco Blog - Small Biz

Cisco Blog - Small Business

Cisco Systems may be a big company, but they’ve got a group of folks that really get small business. This blog brings together experts in small-biz IT who inform readers on major aspects of running and growing a small business.

Follow: @CiscoGeeks | Read the blog: blogs.cisco.com/category/smallbusiness


The Citrix Blog

Citrix blog community

As an authority on virtualization and cloud computing, Citrix knows a thing or two about virtual, flexible infrastructures. Readers of the blogs in the Citrix network can expect to find strategies, news and advice about the use of Citrix platforms.

Follow: @Citrix | Read the blog: blogs.citrix.com



Cloud Ave

Got cloud fever? Then it’s time to take a stroll down CloudAve. This blog aggressively and comprehensively covers everything in the cloud computing space, offering reviews, news and insights to its readers.

Follow: @CloudAve | Read the blog: cloudave.com


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing - Chirag Mehta

For readers who want a strategic point of view on cloud computing and social media, look no further than this blog written by Chirag Mehta, a SAP employee. Mehta analyzes startups and shares insightful wisdom on how cloud services impact IT. 

Follow: @chirag_mehta | Read the blog: cloudcomputing.blogspot.com



Cloud Tweaks

Established in 2009, CloudTweaks aims to deliver news, interviews and analysis for cloud computing enthusiasts. The site boasts contributions from CEOs, CTOs, bloggers and entrepreneurs, so people of all levels are welcome to the discussion.

Follow: @cloudtweaks | Read the blog: cloudtweaks.com


Cutter Consortium

Cutter Consortium

The Cutter Consortium is an IT advisory firm, and its blog is a potpourri of contributions from IT analysts and experts, sharing their wisdom and insight with readers. This is definitely a reliable place for gathering credible opinions in IT.

Follow: @cuttertweets | Read the blog: blog.cutter.com


Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

Managing and optimizing the data center is probably at the top of every IT leader’s list of priorities. Thankfully, Rich Miller, editor of Data Center Knowledge, takes data centers as seriously as his readers do. 

Follow: @datacenter | Read the blog: datacenterknowledge.com



Steven Jin

Pulling its name from the duality of the public and private cloud approaches, Steve Jin, a VMware employee, writes about virtualization for VMware architects and developers. For those looking for a virtualization/cloud blog that gets down to the nitty gritty, DoubleCloud is it.

Follow: @sjin2008 | Read the blog: doublecloud.org


Exchange Server Pro

Exchange Server Pro

Managing the Exchange server for a company can feel like Mission Impossible at times. The team at Exchange Server Pro, however, is here to help with solutions, tutorials and tips for Exchange Server professionals of all levels.

Follow: @exchservpro | Read the blog: exchangeserverpro.com




Solving problems and building solutions — that’s what the team at Fujitsu hopes to offer with its Face2Fujitsu blog. The blog humanizes the company by sharing posts from different employees within the company that touch on the robust technology and products that have made Fujitsu famous.

Follow: @Fujitsu_TS | Read the blog: blog.ts.fujitsu.com/face2fujitsu



Fountainhead Ken Oestreich

Ken Oestreich, a cloud and virtualization marketer for EMC and the writer behind Fountainhead, has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to IT. He compares and contrasts cloud computing with real-world examples and pushes his readers to challenge their limits on everything from data, storage and beyond.

Follow: @Fountnhead | Read the blog: fountnhead.blogspot.com


Gartner Blog Network


How many IT analysts does it take to screw in a light bulb? Whatever the answer is, there have to be enough of them over at the Gartner Blog Network to do the job. The renowned IT research firm is a stable of great thinkers, and its blog network opens the door to these insightful minds.

Follow: @gartner_inc | Read the blog: blogs.gartner.com



Gotta Be Mobile

With the dawn of the mobile computing age, the days of being tethered to a desk or workstation are long behind us. Gotta Be Mobile lives its mantra by digging into the mobile world and offering news, reviews and sneak peeks at the latest in mobile technology.

Follow: @gottabemobile | Read the blog: gottabemobile.com


Greg's Server and StorageIO Blog

Greg Schulz

Greg Schulz is an expert in storage technologies. As a well-known author and speaker, Greg has spoken at length about IT best practices. On his blog, readers can expect real-world tips, practical insights and informed opinions on storage, virtualization and more.

Follow: @storageio | Read the blog: storageioblog.com


Hu's Blog

Hu Yoshida

As VP and CTO at Hitachi Data Systems, Hu Yoshida’s words carry weight. He digs into the meat and potatoes of storage and virtualization for the company, offering his point of view on emerging trends and technologies.

Follow: @hdscorp | Read the blog: blogs.hds.com/hu


Inside System Storage

Tony Inside Storage Blog

An acknowledged authority on storage software, systems and services, Tony Pearson, an IBM managing consultant, hosts an insider’s discussion on all things storage on this official IBM blog. He also provides on-the-ground reporting and commentary at conferences and events.

Follow: @az990tony | Read the blog: Inside System Storage


Mastering SharePoint with Bob Mixon

Bob Mixon

If you need a hand with deploying, managing or troubleshooting your company’s instance of SharePoint, Bob Mixon can probably help. As an experienced SharePoint expert, Bob offers valuable resources and insight to his readers. Bookmark this one — you’ll be visiting often.

Follow: @BobMixon | Read the blog: bobmixon.com


Microsoft Security Response Center


Hackers and malware creators should beware. Microsoft takes IT security seriously and if you needed proof of that, look no further than the Microsoft Security Response Center. This official security blog from Microsoft issues bulletins, statistics and updates that keep IT staffers in the loop.

Follow: @msftsecresponse | Read the blog: blogs.technet.com/b/msrc/


Naked Security

Talk about putting yourself out there — this IT security blog hosted by Sophos is smart, hip and sharp in its coverage of malware, hacking and data security. Definitely worth a daily read.

Follow: @sophoslabs | Read the blog: nakedsecurity.sophos.com


Open Port IT Community

Intel Open Port IT

Big ideas can produce big results. The idea behind this Intel-hosted open exchange is to share thoughts on IT for the betterment of the field. Intel experts post on a wide spectrum of topics, including cloud, data center optimization and security.

Follow: @intelopenport | Read the blog: communities.intel.com/community/openportit


OS X Daily

OS X Daily

As Apple’s influence and innovation in the computing space pushes forward, more and more businesses are integrating Apple products into their IT infrastructure. Although not affiliated with Apple, OS X Daily covers everything Apple and offers news and useful tips to its readers. 

Follow: @osxdaily | Read the blog: osxdaily.com


PandaLabs Blog

Panda Labs

Panda Security is a pioneer in cloud-based security solutions, and they leverage this expertise for the company blog, Panda Labs. Offering IT security alerts, advisories and in-depth reports on the state of security, this is a must read for security buffs.

Follow: @Panda_Security | Read the blog: pandalabs.pandasecurity.com


Rational Survivability

Rational Survivability

If you like your IT blogs with a splash of wit, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and dragon art, Chris Hoff’s Rational Survivability blog is the perfect mixture of informative and humorous with its posts on security, virtualization and cloud computing.

Follow: @beaker | Read the blog: rationalsurvivability.com/blog


Real Business at Xerox


Although the blog is run by and hosted by Xerox, it covers more than just company product offerings, adding anecdotal stories on office productivity into the mix. 

Follow: @XEROX | Read the blog: realbusinessatxerox.blogs.xerox.com


Scott Lowe

Lowe is a CTO for EMC, and his blog is a must-read for those who’d like to pick the brain of a veteran IT professional. Some of his posts get deep in the weeds, while others are more casual, technical advice stories.

Follow: @scott_lowe | Read the blog: blog.scottlowe.org


Sean Daniel

Sean Daniel

Looking for ways to start up, troubleshoot or optimize your servers? Sean Daniel has plenty of tips and tricks for IT staff working on Microsoft’s Small Business Server and Windows Home Server.

Follow: @seandaniel | Read the blog: sbs.seandaniel.com


The Security Catalyst

Security Catalyst

Ever feel like IT security is a little too removed from humanity to be effective? Michael Santarcangelo did, which is why he founded the Security Catalyst, a blog that aims to connect the dots between people and IT security.

Follow: @catalyst | Read the blog: securitycatalyst.com/blog


Small Biz Go Mobile

Small Biz Go Mobile

Mobile computing is everywhere. As the consumerization of IT makes its way into the enterprise, Small Biz Go Mobile, an AT&T-sponsored blog, documents how small businesses are integrating their systems with mobile technologies.

Follow: @smbizgomobile | Read the blog: marioarmstrong.com/smallbizgomobile


Small Business Labs

Small Biz Labs

Businesses produce a lot of data, but they’re often too busy doing business to sit back and sift through it all on their own. Small Business Labs takes the time to aggregate, analyze and research trends in small business, sharing its findings with readers.

Follow: @smallbizlabs | Read the blog: smallbizlabs.com


Small Biz Technology

Ramon Ray Small Biz Technology

Dedicated to educating and informing small businesses about technology and the impact that it can have on their businesses, Small Biz Technology is a handy bookmark for questions about utilizing social media for business.

Follow: @ramonray | Read the blog: smallbiztechnology.com


Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat

This IT blog is a buffet of IT information. Though he’s particularly knowledgeable about storage, Stephen Foskett’s posts cover networking and social media, and offer product reviews as well.

Follow: @sfoskett | Read the blog: blog.fosketts.net


Tenable Network Security

Tenable Security

There are a lot of great IT security blogs out there. Some of the better ones happen to be published by the vendors themselves. Tenable Network Security’s is one of them. The company’s network security podcast, in particular, is a highlight.

Follow: @TenableSecurity | Read the blog: blog.tenablesecurity.com



Threat Post

The team at IT security vendor Kaspersky Lab knows their stuff. And they share their knowledge with the world at Threatpost, issuing warnings about dangerous malware and worst practices that can leave your IT vulnerable to attack.

Follow: @threatpost | Read the blog: threatpost.com


Toshiba Telephone Systems


Getting the right fit when it comes to your business's telephone systems can be a daunting task. Toshiba, a leader in telephony, brings together employees and experts to offer tips, advice and case studies on telephony, VoIP and other phone system products.

Follow: @toshibaphonesys | Read the blog: blog.telecom.toshiba.com


Tripwire Blog


This informed and measured blog from IT security vendor Tripwire offers insights, best practices and tips on IT security.

Follow: @tripwireinc | Read the blog: tripwire.com/blog


Uncommon Sense Security

Jack Daniel

Written by IT security veteran Jack Daniel, the tone of the blog is as strong as a stiff shot of whiskey. It’s a great read for those who like the unvarnished truth from time to time.

Follow: @jack_daniel | Read the blog: blog.uncommonsensesecurity.com


VMware Security & Compliance


As a leader in the virtualization space, VMware is also, logically, a leader in the security and compliance of virtualization as well. This blog is updated regularly with announcements, advice and insights. A good read for companies seeking more security as they explore virtualization.

Follow: @VMwareBlogs | Read the blog: blogs.vmware.com/security


VMware Videos

David Davis VMWare videos

This blog from a training consultant provides video tutorials that will guide IT pros through the steps of managing and troubleshooting virtual environments — a reliable source of information on all things pertaining to VMware virtualization.

Follow: @davidmdavis | Read the blog: vmwarevideos.com


Websense News and Views


Published by information security vendor Websense, this blog offers profiles, news and views on the latest trends in IT security. If you have a question about something fishy that’s spreading on Facebook or Twitter, these guys will likely have it covered.

Follow: @websense | Read the blog: Websense News and Views


The Windows Blog

Windows Team blog

This blog provides its readers with official information on — you guessed it — all things Windows. This includes the mobile phone OS Windows Phone 7, as well as the desktop versions of Windows 7 and the future version, Windows 8. 

Follow: @windowsblog | Read the blog: windowsteamblog.com



Brocade Wingspan

High performance is the name of the game for Brocade, a networking hardware and software vendor. On this blog, company executives offer their insights on data centers and highly available networks.

Follow: @BRCDcomm | Read the blog: Wingspan


The Wisdom Of Clouds

James Urquhart

Acting as a sage of sorts in the crowded cloud-computing field, James Urquhart writes with authority and clarity on the issues and trends emerging in the cloud. The updates aren’t as frequent as other blogs, but when he writes, it’s always worth reading. 

Follow: @jamesurquhart | Read the blog: news.cnet.com/wisdom-of-clouds


Women 2.0

Women 2.0

Let’s face it, the IT world can sometimes seem like a boys’ club. Women 2.0, however, aims to inspire, support and encourage women to contribute and work in IT, particularly by getting involved in startups.

Follow: @women2 | Read the blog: women2.org


The World According to Mitch

Mitch Garvis

Mitch Garvis, an IT pro trainer, knows a lot about a lot of things. And he shares his multitude of thoughts, opinions, rants and ideas on the world of IT professionals in a loose and personal style on his blog.

Follow: @mgarvis | Read the blog: garvis.ca


Yellow Bricks

Duncan Yellow Bricks

This blog on virtualization written by Duncan Epping, a VMware employee, dives deep into the strategic and tactical applications of virtualization. The blog gets its name from an Arctic Monkeys song, “Old Yellow Bricks” — solid but flexible at the same time, Yellow Bricks let you build almost anything, he explains.  

Follow: @DuncanYB | Read the blog: yellowbricks.com


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