Nov 10 2010

World Record for Analytic Performance in Virtualized Environment

In April 2010, ParAccel established an industry benchmark for analytic processing performance.

Running ParAccel Analytic Database on VMware vSphere 4 achieved the fastest 1-terabyte Transaction Processing Performance Council Benchmark H (TPC–H) on record, with a price/performance ratio 7.7 times better than the previous performance record-holder. What’s more, this combination beat the previous TPC–H record using 37 percent fewer servers and delivered a database load time that was 8.7 times faster than the previous performance record-holder.

Such results establish a path for organizations to create and deploy on-demand ultra-performance analytic processing in private clouds.

Benchmark summary and full disclosure reports are available online at paraccel.com/technology/tpc-h-benchmark-testing. To learn more about the TPC-H specification, visit tpc.org/tpch.