Nov 10 2009

Social Media for Your Consumption

Photo: Matthew Gilson

There’s no denying it: Social media is now a part of everyday life, and it’s becoming more popular by the minute. Whether you’re following your favorite news feeds, posting pictures from a recent event you attended, looking for the latest deals provided by a local business or catching up with your aunt in Wyoming, these channels keep us connected and make information easily accessible.

Not only are consumers using social media more than ever; businesses are realizing the benefits and establishing their presence in the virtual world. In a recent BizTech poll of 446 IT leaders at small and midsize companies, 28 percent said they are currently using social media to promote their business, and another 17 percent are considering using it.

Another recent survey by research firm Internet2Go showed that Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media are catching up to traditional websites as marketing mechanisms for small businesses. According to the September survey of 2,000 SMBs, 45 percent of business owners have Twitter or Facebook accounts, compared with 44 percent of small businesses that have websites. These figures show how important social media outlets can be for providing information to customers and engaging with them.

CDW and BizTech magazine recognize the need to provide helpful information about technology to IT leaders in business. That’s why we’re now utilizing both Facebook and Twitter — to make sure you have the information you need to do your job better and help grow your business.

We have established a CDW Small Business page on Facebook that provides promotional offers, technology content, webinars, case studies and self-assessment tools. And if you prefer using Twitter, then look for @BizTechMagazine to follow the latest business technology trends, case studies, best practices and product reviews.

Find the latest information about CDW promotional offers, technology content, webinars and self-assessment tools at CDW's Small Business Facebook page.

To keep updated on the latest business technology trends, best practices, case studies and product reviews, follow @BizTechMagazine on Twitter.

These tools will keep you well informed as you research technology solutions for your business.

Moon Shots

The Adler Planetarium in Chicago is using technology to bring the moon to the public. Through the “Shoot for the Moon” exhibit’s digital signage, visitors can explore the moon’s peaks and valleys at a 3D “moon wall” simulator.

Adler developed the exhibit after its IT team spent years researching the best method to provide viewers with a realistic, interactive lunar experience. The planetarium finally decided on 12 14-by-7-foot NEC monitors in a four-by-three configuration, which limited the image interruption observed in the smaller displays that were used initially.

“People are amazed by the graphics and how much fun they have,” says Melody Kirkwood, technology coordinator at the planetarium. “Even the techs in my department enjoy it so much they make time to play with the exhibit. It’s definitely something I want my godchildren to experience when they come to visit.”

For more information about the planetarium’s “Shoot for the Moon” exhibit, look here.

Ryan Petersen