Jul 01 2006

Dashboard: July 2006

Has your company implemented a wireless system at your location?

65% YES - 35% NO  
If yes, what was your top concern about implementing a wireless system?  
End-to-end security 69%
Support and maintenance costs 10%
No strong push from users or management 8%
Reliability/coverage 7%
Other/multiple concerns 6%
Source: CDW survey of 255 BizTech readers  



Does your company centralize IT purchasing through one individual or department?

Yes, all purchasing is done through one individual or department 84%
No, purchasing is handled by one person in each department 6%
No, we prefer decentralized purchasing 4%
No, there is no organized purchasing process 4%
No, but we’re in the process of centralizing purchasing 2%
Source: CDW survey of 334 BizTech readers