Apr 19 2018

Using Technology for Good

Perhaps more than any other field of endeavor, nonprofit organizations are under pressure to make smart investments in technology. Funding challenges and other obstacles require nonprofits to carefully allocate scarce resources in ways that will best help them achieve their missions. Donors are increasingly aware of how organizations use their gifts, leading nonprofits to be more vigilant than ever about maximizing the value of their investments.

Technology is not only a cost center, however, but also an enabler of the organization’s core mission. With appropriate and targeted IT investments, nonprofits can set themselves up to better and more efficiently serve their clients and communities. In particular, leading nonprofit organizations are finding success with data analytics and mobile solutions. Data analytics can bolster fundraising and other operations, helping to ensure the financial strength of an organization. And mobile solutions enable greater effectiveness and productivity for fieldworkers, helping nonprofits to do more with less.

Learn more about how mobile solutions can help nonprofits by downloading the white paper "Using Technology for Good."