Oct 18 2018

Technology to Boost Retail Productivity

Technology is driving retail forward rapidly, and retailers that don’t keep pace risk losing ground — not only to online competitors, but also to brick-and-mortar stores that are making their own investments in digital transformation. While many retailers have worked to implement customer-facing solutions and enterprise IT, some have overlooked tools that can boost the productivity of store associates. When sales associates are provided with technologies that connect them to inventory systems and other back-end applications, they are better able to serve shoppers and enhance the customer experience. This is especially important for retailers pursuing omnichannel strategies, as productive and helpful store employees are essential to creating a unified experience between channels.

Numerous IT solutions are needed to support innovation in retail, including back-end infrastructure, mobile devices and management tools, data analytics, security solutions, inventory management tools and mobile beacons. When these technologies are connected to one another, they can support a number of valuable use cases for retail and improve employee performance.

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