Oct 17 2018

Hybrid Clouds Deliver the Best of Both Worlds

Private clouds give organizations control over and visibility into their resources, along with the opportunity to leverage existing infrastructure and facilities. Public cloud providers, meanwhile, give enterprises the ability to quickly scale resources up and down, providing unprecedented levels of flexibility and agility.

A hybrid cloud model offers both.

Despite the benefits of hybrid clouds, many organizations have yet to fully embrace the model. In some cases, business or IT leaders may still harbor security concerns about placing resources in the public cloud, even though the cloud often delivers a greater level of security. Others may be using the public cloud for some applications but have not done the work of fully integrating cloud infrastructure with on-premises resources. Still others may think they have developed a hybrid cloud model, but don’t fully understand what that entails.

In adopting a hybrid cloud model, organizations should evaluate their readiness by assessing their existing needs and objectives in several areas, including infrastructure and resource demands. If an organization does implement a hybrid cloud, the transition may require a cultural shift and a new approach to IT management.

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