Nov 12 2018

The Evolution of the Customer Engagement Center

Today’s customers have more options than ever before, and these options bring new expectations. Most consumers expect organizations not only to promptly solve their problems, but also to do it in a manner — and at a time — of the customer’s choosing.

This means that organizations must be prepared to meet customers where they are, across a number of integrated channels. Whether customers reach out via phone, email, social media, chat or some other channel, organizations need to respond quickly and effectively, and be able to seamlessly transition cases from one channel to another. And, while customers want access to self-service and digital tools, they also want the option to instantly connect with a live representative who can give them personalized service.

Technology can help. By putting in place appropriate solutions, such as data analytics and customer satisfaction monitoring tools, businesses can position themselves as leaders in customer engagement. But organizations often face challenges when integrating new tools. Many organizations rely on a trusted partner to help integrate solutions and ensure the success of their revamped customer engagement centers.

To learn more download our white paper "The Evolution of the Customer Engagement Center."


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