Oct 17 2018

Digital Transformation: The Future of IT Arrives

The Internet of Things is here, but many organizations aren’t ready for it. While leaders across nearly every industry say they expect IoT and digital transformation to have a significant impact on their organizations and sectors in the near future, only a relative handful are actively adopting IoT technologies.

Real hurdles are keeping enterprises from fully embracing digital transformation, but this disconnect between what organizations are saying about the potential of IoT and what they’re actually doing to implement solutions is holding them back from realizing important benefits. Even if organizations aren’t ready to move forward with significant IT-driven changes across their entire enterprise, they must work now to develop a digital transformation strategy and pilot high-value use cases.

An approach that endeavors to “think big, act small and move fast” can help organizations to get started. Through IoT and digital transformation, organizations can collect and analyze data in ways that add new business value — enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency and giving them a competitive edge.

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