Feb 13 2018

Digital Solutions Advance Inventory Management

Retail is constantly revolutionizing itself through technology. The intensely competitive nature of the industry leads organizations to continually experiment with and adopt new solutions that they believe might give them an edge. But that same competition means that only those technologies with a direct impact on customer experience are likely to last.

Increasingly, retailers are discovering that a hidden corner of their operations — one mostly unseen by shoppers — can leave customers either delighted or deeply unsatisfied: inventory management.

Especially with the rise of online and omnichannel retail, the ability to keep tabs on the supply chain and fulfill orders immediately is essential. A digital transformation strategy that incorporates inventory management tools can create a unified, connected experience for customers and give workers the tools to be more productive and efficient. A robust inventory management system often incorporates a mix of software, hardware, mobile devices and apps, data analytics solutions and security tools. All of these aim at making it easier to put products into customers’ hands, when and how they want them.

Find out how retailers can embrace digital transformation strategies to drive productivity, efficiency and a better customer experience by checking out our White Paper, "Digital Solutions Advance Inventory Management."


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