Aug 28 2018

Why Hybrid Cloud Makes Sense as a Model for the Next 3-5 Years

The need for speed to market, the rise of DevOps and the opportunity for cost reductions have led many organizations to consider leveraging cloud computing resources. The hybrid model, which allows for the simple moving and shifting of workloads between on-premises and off-premises environments, has emerged as the preferred option for many companies. We spoke with Paul Schaapman, CDW's CTO for the Mid-Atlantic region, to get his take on why hybrid makes sense and why he thinks VMware's new VMware on AWS is the equivalent of the "easy button" for the cloud.

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    • Paul Schaapman, CTO – Mid-Atlantic, CDW

Video Highlights

  • There are more conversations about speed to market and agility with regard to cloud services.
  • The hybrid model seems poised to stay in place for some time, as there are many companies and industries that require some of their workloads to be managed on-premises.
  • The VMware on AWS offering is an "easy button" for organizations looking to reap the rewards of public cloud resources while maintaining their on-premises infrastructure.