Jul 05 2019

Why the Cloud, Tech Tools, Must Support a Company’s End Goals

Standing still, stagnant in the status quo, is not an option for modern businesses. But adopting a technology strategy that doesn’t support a business’s end goals can be just as damaging as doing nothing. That’s why it’s critical for an organization to identify what they need technology to do for them, and then build an infrastructure that supports that bottom line. 

At the Core-to-Cloud summit, BizTech asked tech leaders to share how they approach a smart digital transformation, and why that may mean being more than just “cloud first.”


    • Moosa Matariyeh, Manager, Cloud Platform Solutions, CDW
    • Maxx Lobo, Senior Vice President, Platform & Cloud Services, IAC Publishing
    • Matt Axtell, Principle Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Ellen Kirby, Manager of Technical Operations / Senior Enterprise Architect, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings

Video Highlights

  • For an organization focused on being "cloud first," this failure to align new technology with end goals can be a barrier to a successful digital transformation. 
  • When technology supports a business's final product, it not only allows for a better workflow, but for an improved customer experience as well. 
  • While it can be overwhelming to identify which technologies best support an organization's objectives, the longterm health of any organization relies upon a informed technology strategy.