Sep 02 2015

VMworld 2015: Doing Work Safely in the Cloud

As cloud computing has moved from theoretical discussions to real-world implementations, questions and debates remain about how to best secure data in the cloud. This is especially a sticking point as data is increasingly moving across public, private and hybrid cloud environments. We spoke with experts and IT leaders at VMworld to get their take on how IT can best operate in the cloud with security in mind.

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    • Bernie Salvaggio, IT Technical Services Manager, Northern Safety Co.
    • Robert Pfannkuche, Senior Systems Administrator, National Association of Realtors
    • John Peck, Systems Engineer, Herman Miller 
    • Jerome Hernandez, Director of IT, Alliance Asset Management

Video Highlights

  • Cloud environments should be treated with similar security protocols as on-premises environments.
  • IT leaders need to understand which data is being moved to the cloud and how it's being secured.
  • Using the public cloud isn't out of the question for those who strive to do so securely, but it does require planning and strategy.