Aug 26 2014

VMworld 2014: The vCHS Rebrand to vCloud Air Is About the Movement of Data

Shortly before the 2014 VMworld conference kickoff, VMware announced that its vCloud Hybrid Service solution would now be rebranded to vCloud Air. We spoke with Scott Collison, vice president of hybrid platform at VMware, to get a better understanding of the rebranding and get his advice on what organizations should be doing more of in the cloud. To view more of our coverage from the show, visit our VMworld 2014 conference hub.


    • Scott Collison, Vice President, Hybrid Platform at VMware

Video Highlights

  • The rebrand to vCloud Air represents a shift within VMware toward an everything as a service model.
  • The main value proposition of a hybrid cloud environment is that there's no lock-in.
  • Organizations aren't moving as many apps into the cloud as they could, by working with VMware and CDW, they can plan which apps should go where.