Aug 26 2014

VMworld 2014: Expect More Emphasis on IaaS in the Near Future

In recent years, there's been a major shift among enterprise users with regard to their comfort level in working with public clouds, which is why the hybrid model has proved so appealing. Joe Sartin, director of cloud solutions services at CDW, explains why the hybrid cloud works and why he believes more investments in Infrastructure as a Service are in many organizations' futures. To view more of our coverage from the show, visit our VMworld 2014 conference hub.


    • Joe Sartin, director of cloud solutions services at CDW

Video Highlights

  • Deciding which flavor of cloud works for each organization starts by first determining business objectives.
  • The hybrid model has emerged as a popular choice for enterprises as they have become more comfortable using moving some of their data to the public cloud.
  • In the near future, more organizations will invest in more Infrastructure as a Service.