Jun 08 2016

SIS 2016: Bridging the Gap Between the For-Profit and Nonprofit Sides of Tech

Technology is a tool that can enable, empower and enhance individuals and organizations alike. The technology industry in particular has a unique history with philanthropy and devoting resources, time and energy to projects that serve the greater good. Today, many companies prioritize corporate philanthropy either through specific nonprofit divisions or business units. We spoke with technology leaders at Social Innovation Summit to better understand why nonprofit work and corporate social responsibility is on the for-profit agenda. Check out more of our coverage from Social Innovation Summit 2016 to learn more about technology's potential for good.


    • Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner at Farm from a Box
    • Nate Hurst, Chief Sustainability and Social Impact Officer
    • Lisa Hammitt, VP, Cloud Portfolio and Solutions Marketing at IBM

Video Highlights

  • For companies that operate nonprofit arms, they can leverage their philanthropic work as a testbed for innovation
  • Sustainability is the new normal and many customers and investors expect philanthropic initiatives from corporations
  • Major technology companies, like IBM, think about the philanthropic value of their solutions alongside its commercial potential