Apr 26 2023

RSAC 2023: Why You Should Be Aware of Your Cybersecurity Team’s Mental Health

The shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals has repeatedly been cited as a concern at this year's RSA Conference. It's easy to understand why this issue can be viewed as a business concern. But too frequently, leaders overlook the human element at play. Cybersecurity teams are dealing with alert fatigue and feeling overworked, which contributes to some very real business problems. Rick McElroy, principal cybersecurity strategist at VMware, is training a spotlight on the issue and offers his thoughts on how to address it from both a corporate and human perspective.

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    Rick McElroy, Principal Cybersecurity Strategist, VMware

Video Highlights

  • For many security teams, the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals has exacerbated their fatigue and stress levels.
  • Short-staffed cybersecurity teams are experiencing burnout, which can lead to challenges in recruiting and retaining skilled team members.
  • Automation and managed services can help relieve some of the stress cybersecurity teams are experiencing.