May 19 2021

RSA 2021: Remembering the Human Factor and Its Impact on Cybersecurity

Many security experts cite an organization's employees as a common risk element. However, companies frequently overlook opportunities to enhance security by paying attention to the human factor. At RSA 2021, we spoke with thought leaders about how to build a culture of security within businesses.  

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    Margaret Cunningham, Principal Research Scientist, Forcepoint

    Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    Michelle Valdez, CISO, OneMain Financial 

    Joe Kuehne, Editor, BizTech

Video Highlights

  • Any change made from a technological or a policy perspective, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity, will have the potential for unintended consequences.
  • There are hidden, human-related costs to cybersecurity, such as a company's reputation, that are difficult to quantify.
  • Educating people on what they can do to protect the company and then reinforcing when they do the right thing can transform a company's culture and cybersecurity program.