Feb 26 2020

RSA 2020: How Automation Can Help Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

How to help organizations close the cybersecurity skills gap is a perennial topic of conversation. Beyond getting creative in order to fill jobs and building up a talent pipeline, how can businesses use technology to help them close the gap? Automation tools, ranging from robotic process automation to more advanced forms of artificial intelligence, can make cybersecurity engineers' jobs easier and save them time by processing large amounts of data quickly and automating responses. However, as experts noted at RSA 2020, there are some things that even a machine can't yet do when it comes to IT security. 

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    Sam McLane, Chief Technology Services Officer, Arctic Wolf Networks

    Michele Guel, Distinguished Engineer, Data Security and Privacy Strategist, Cisco

    Richard Purizaca, Field Security Solution Architect, CDW

Video Highlights

  • Automation will help smaller organizations shore up their cybersecurity by enabling them to sift through log data and identify anomalies much faster. 
  • Security orchestration tools can be automated, and organizations can dramatically reduce the time between the discovery of a threat and action.
  • Human knowledge, judgment and experience cannot be replaced by automation tools.