Jan 20 2021

NRF 2021: AI Takes Retailers to the Next Level

Many stores were caught by surprise when consumer demand for specific items exceeded supply, and were further challenged when they could not stock new items to meet expectations. One way retailers have addressed those difficulties is through artificial intelligence, which powers predictive models that allow stores to avoid such fumbles.

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    Azita Martin, VP and GM of Artificial Intelligence for Retail, NVIDIA

    Karl Haller, Global Leader for the Consumer Center of Competency, IBM

    Tom Bianculli, CTO, Zebra Technologies

Video Highlights

  • Changes in buying behaviors placed an enormous strain on the supply of certain goods, but artificial intelligence has helped to correct course.
  • AI powers intelligent distribution centers, which get the right products into the right hands.
  • AI works with other technologies, including the Internet of Things and advanced analytics.