Jan 14 2018

NRF 2018: Data Drives Ultimate Customer Personalization at Orangetheory Fitness

By gathering heart rate data while its clients exercise, Orangetheory Fitness of Boca Raton, Fla., has created a workout approach that lets it develop increasingly personalized, results-based training. Ellen Latham began the progam as a studio in her home, and now — less than a decade later — Orangetheory boasts more than 800 locations nationwide.

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    Ellen Latham, Co-Founder, Orangetheory Fitness

    Vanessa Jo Roberts, Editorial Director, BizTech

Video Highlights

  • Orangetheory Fitness co-founder views data as fundamental to the future of fitness.
  • By gathering data, Orangetheory members can manage their routines and the company can develop highly personalized workouts.
  • Co-Founder Ellen Latham says data is critical to helping build brand loyalty.