Dec 17 2014

How Your Business Can Gain Agility Through the Cloud

Agility is essential in today's highly competitive business environments - no matter the industry. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can let a business converge its infrastructure and allow near real-time scalability to respond to competitors and meet customer demands. In this video, see how this approach helped one company scale its services from zero to a full-service business in about a year and learn about the extensive offerings available within CDW's cloud ecosystem.


    • Stephen Braat: Vice President, Cloud & Managed Solutions, CDW
    • Jason Hart: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Shane Zide: Cloud Client Executive, CDW
    • Stan Pachura: CIO, National MI
    • Darrick Wilson: Vice President, Information Security & Enterprise Technology, National MI

Video Highlights

  • Moving to the cloud is a journey, and every business needs a guide.
  • It may sound impossible, but with the cloud, your IT team can react in real-time to sudden business developments.
  • That speed, enabled by a hollistic approach to the cloud, from choosing providers and partners to the actual tech involved, is one of the cloud's biggest advantages.