Jul 05 2019

How Smart Technology is Empowering Businesses

With digital transformation driving changes at a blinding pace, modern organizations face a major challenge just to keep up with the times. While numerous smart solutions have emerged, such as advanced collaboration platforms and meeting solutions, adoption can be tricky. 

But for organizations who embrace these new technologies, the benefits can outweigh the challenges and, ultimately, help boost bottom lines. At the Future of Work SummIT, Southwest Airlines's Derek Whisenhunt, Grady Health Systems's Tom Beaver and Holder Construction’s Sonja Checkwood shared how they’re leveraging technology to get results.


    • Sonja Checkwood, Senior Manager of IT, Holder Construction 
    • Tom Beaver, Executive Director of Technology, Grady Health Systems 
    • Derek Whisenhunt, Head of End-User Computing, Southwest Airlines

Video Highlights

  • Technology can be a challenge for businesses to adopt, particularly as the digital transformation increases the number of options to consider.
  • Despite the challenges, businesses that can identify a best-use case for emerging tech can enhance their bottom lines. 
  • Data analytic and collaboration tools, as well as smart devices and meeting solutions, have helped Southwest Airlines, Holder Construction and Grady Health Systems meet their business goals faster than ever before.