Mar 05 2018

How the Rise of High-Profile Data Breaches Is Changing the Conversation Around Security

Breaches in the news and headlines have sparked plenty of conversation with the masses, but how is that affecting IT security decisions within other companies? We spoke with IT leaders to get a better understanding of how the conversation around security is changing within their organizations, particularly when it comes to things such as: security awareness training, cloud security, next-gen firewalls and more. Visit our CDW Managing Risk SummIT landing page to view more articles and videos from the event.

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    • Trevor Clark, Shared Services Center Manager, STIHL
    • Diane Brown, Director, IT Risk Management, Ulta Beauty
    • Lynn Mackie, Security Solutions Architect, CDW
    • Vito Trifiletti, CIO, Elior North America

Video Highlights

  • With the higher profile on security comes attention, and oftentimes funding, for improved security solutions.
  • Using the best-in-class tools, such as next-gen firewalls, to provide true depth in defense against threats is one way companies are responding.
  • Cloud security is sometimes more a business issue than a technical one, but it's important to read SLAs thoroughly and truly understand the risks of putting corporate assets in public cloud environments.