Aug 23 2022

Highlights from CDW Executive SummIT: Managing the Evolving Workforce

The changes sweeping the workforce can feel almost unprecedented at times. This transformation and restructuring, in large part driven or supported by IT, is why CDW convened an impressive slate of thought leaders and experts for its CDW Executive SummIT: Managing the Evolving Workforce to discuss how the modern workforce is evolving in real time. Take a look at some of the highlights and insights from the event.


    • Steven Darrah, Director, National Solution Providers, Intel
    • Stephen Miller, Lenovo Ambassador, Lenovo
    • Kim Lear, Founder, Inlay Insights
    • Shubham Choudhary, Partner Strategy Lead, Modern Workplace, Microsoft
    • Tara Barbieri, Vice President, Integrated Services Orchestration, CDW

Video Highlights

  • In a world where more work is shifting to hybrid and remote environments, technology plays a key role in ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.
  • There's a generational shift happening in terms of how people value and prioritize work, which is driving the reshaping of today's workforce.
  • Mixed and augmented reality are two of the more visible areas where technology will truly change how and where we work.