Nov 14 2017

High Availability, Flexibility and Scale Are Critical for Modern Gaming Companies

While playing games can be a lot of fun, it's also a really big business. According to research from Newzoo, the gaming industry is poised to generate $108.9 billion in revenue this year. Rob Fish, VP of IT at Big Fish Games, is all too familiar with the competition and high-demand that exists in the gaming business today. Customers expect that when they fire up a game on their mobile devices that it works flawlessly and doesn't compromise the user experience in any way. That means from a backend perspective, Gray and his IT team must have infrastructure that failsover without disruption to service and scales as demand grows. We spoke with Gray at CDW's Executive Summit in Chicago to learn more about how an industry that lives and breathes "digital transformation" is adjusting to the new normal that other sectors are just catching up with.


    • Rob Gray, VP, IT, Big Fish Games

Video Highlights

  • Big Fish has relied on siloed, on-premises infrastructure but is now pivoting toward scalable and flexible IT that supports their need for high availability.
  • Instead of having highly dense storage, Big Fish wants more local storage in different areas.
  • Storage capacity can grow in a more planned way if things are more integrated.