Aug 21 2018

Full Throttle: AutoNation Embraces Hybrid Infrastructure

An 18-month network upgrade to a hybrid infrastructure allows the 27,000-employee company to keep many of its legacy operations on-premises while splitting new operations between the cloud and its data center — ultimately injecting scalability, flexibility, resiliency and speed into the IT operations of its 350 locations.


    Adam Rasner, Vice President, Technology Operations, AutoNation

    Joe Paxton, Senior Manager, Network Services, AutoNation

Video Highlights

  • The hybrid infrastructure has enabled the company’s IT team to move from a “firefighting” model to one that is project-based.
  • To inject speed into AutoNation’s operations, the IT team introduced a Cisco-based route switching fabric, which scales up to 160 gigabytes per second.
  • The cloud offers scalability and flexibility to new projects or applications that may otherwise take longer to implement on-premises, speeding time to market.