Dec 11 2020

Full Session: The Here and Now of Smart Buildings

Buildings have long been at the tail end of innovation, and often the last place you’d look when you think of advanced technologies. Now, the same office that was designed as a highly efficient, high-capacity, collaborative workspace must prioritize indoor health and efficient operations during low occupancy. In this CDW Tech Talk session, watch experts discuss how the same tools that make a building “smart” can help you effectively return to a healthy — albeit modified — in-person collaborative workspace. Find our full coverage of the event here.


    Jeff Meek, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networks Switching, Cisco

    Joyce Tse, Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Networking, Cisco

    Pete Schepers, Principal Solution Architect, Enterprise Networking, CDW

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Creating a trusted workplace is at the core of return-to-the-office strategies.
  • Businesses can track health and safety with improved monitoring tools. 
  • Having access to that information in one integrated place can ensure nothing is missed.