Dec 10 2020

Full Session: Accelerating the ROI of Enterprise AI with the Right IT Strategy

Most businesses hope to leverage AI, but all too often big investments result in prototypes that never come to fruition. Enterprises need a strategy that brings together tools to streamline data science workflow with leading-edge infrastructure that can tackle the most complex AI projects. In this CDW Tech Talk, watch experts discuss how IT leaders can scale AI success with smart architectural choices. Find our full coverage of the event here.


    Tony Paikeday, Senior Director, AI Systems , NVIDIA

    Tom Leinberger, AI/HPC Practice Lead, CDW

    Bob Bragdon, Worldwide Managing Director, CSO

Video Highlights

  • Businesses must industrialize AI across the enterprise rather than treating it as an artisan endeavor.
  • Less than half of AI models developed become active, on average.
  • Standardizing the process can prepare organizations for future regulation.