Feb 12 2020

The Cybersecurity Challenge of New Technologies

New technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things present a number of capabilities and benefits. But organizations that adopt these and other advanced solutions must also understand that they can create new security risks as well. At the CDW Protect SummIT in San Antonio, we asked Theresa Payton, CEO of cybersecurity company Fortalice, about how organizations can strategize to address these risks. To see more articles and videos from the Protect SummIT, visit biztechmag.com/SummITSeries2020.

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    Matt McLaughlin, Editor, BizTech

    Theresa Payton, CEO, Fortalice

Video Highlights

  • Simulating cyberattacks on new technologies can help organizations uncover vulnerabilities. 
  • Adopting new solutions is imperative for most organizations that wish to remain competitive in their industries.
  • Addressing security concerns is a way for IT teams to show their value to an organization.