Jun 09 2023

Cisco Live 2023: How to Bolster Security for All of Your IoT Devices

IoT devices provide opportunities for organizations to collect and manage data more quickly via edge computing. However, the increasing number of devices and ballooning volume of data also expand the threat landscape. At Cisco Live in Las Vegas, experts share their recommendations on how to securely connect devices so they don't introduce new vulnerabilities to your ecosystem.

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    DD Dasgupta, Vice President of Product Management, Cloud and Compute Business Unit, Cisco

    Jill Klein, Head of Emerging Technology and IoT, CDW

    Nick Biasini, Global Lead, Cisco Talos Outreach

Video Highlights

  • The adoption of IoT devices is increasing exponentially, creating opportunities to contain costs and generating new potential revenue streams.
  • For many IoT devices, including video cameras and remote sensors, the data they generate is best processed where it's created: at the edge.
  • For security purposes, it's imperative to know everything that's being connected to your network, and a third-party assessment can help.