Jun 28 2017

Cisco Live 2017: What Does Effective Security Look Like?

The IT security landscape is riddled with ever-evolving threats and vulnerabilities. Ransomware has taken the enterprise world by storm and data breaches from both internal and external sources have IT leaders concerned about how to best secure and defend corporate data from getting into the wrong hands. We spoke with several IT experts and leaders to get a better understanding on how they develop and maintain effective IT security strategies and what tools or solutions they see as most valuable.

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    • Jason Lamar, Senior Director of Security Product Management, Cisco Systems
    • Ziyad Roumaya, Field Solutions Architect Team Lead — Security, CDW
    • Lynn Mackie, Field Solutions Architect, Security, CDW
    • Aundre Dudley, Field Solutions Architect, CDW
    • Mike Figart, Network Architect, Great American Insurance Group

Video Highlights

  • The increased complexity of the IT security landscape means that organizations need more integrated and effective tools.
  • Ransomware is top of mind but tactics such as network segmentation and two-factor authenciation can help keep bad actors out.
  • No one security solution is going to be the "silver bullet"; integration and holistic monitoring is key.