Jun 29 2017

Cisco Live 2017: Cisco Spark Board Makes Collaboration Easy

The dream of video conferencing and remote collaboration has always hinged on one thing: ease of use. But given the current state of collaboration, it's not always that easy. Whether it's hangups in accessing dial-in information or incompatible experiences across OS or hardware ecosystems, the dream of going into a room and pressing a few buttons to collaborate with colleagues halfway across the country has sometimes been more dream than reality.

But the Cisco Spark Board, which was released earlier this year, aims to ease collaboration woes. CDW's Nathan Coutinho gave us a demonstration of the new Cisco Spark Board while we were at Cisco Live, which allowed us to see the device in action.

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    • Nathan Coutinho, Director, Digital Workspace Solutions, CDW

Video Highlights

  • The Cisco Spark Board makes video calling, screen sharing and collaborative whiteboarding painless.
  • The display is clear, 4K and comes in a variety of sizes.
  • Files and drawings from whiteboard sessions are stored in the cloud and accessible by multiple users.