Aug 19 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Zero-Trust Security Can Help Secure Remote Workers

As organizations plan for long-term remote work environments, they need to think about how to secure their users. Zero-trust security, which leverages a strong foundation of identity and access management, can help secure users even if they are using personal devices at home. During presentations for CDW's Tech Talk series, IT experts discussed how to best secure remote work environments. To see more articles and videos from the CDW Tech Talk series, visit


    J. Wolfgang Goerlich, Advisory CISO, Duo Security

    Kevin Swanson, Surface Specialist, Microsoft

Video Highlights

  • The techniques and approaches organizations used to secure home offices and a few branch locations are not scaling to the massive demands of remote work. 
  • To secure remote work environments, organizations need to look at the individuals connecting to corporate resources and the apps and data they are trying to access. 
  • A zero-trust security approach can provide granular control to different apps and data, and can authenticate individual users once certain conditions are verified.