Oct 14 2020

CDW Tech Talk: Why Zero Trust Is Essential for Businesses

Trustworthy data and systems can’t be separated from trustworthy people. To optimize cybersecurity efforts, IT security professionals need to ensure they are validating users coming into their organizations and the access they’re getting. At CDW’s Tech Talk, Dave Lewis, global advisory CISO for Duo Security, discussed how to better mitigate risks to networks, software and users with zero trust. Find the full coverage of the CDW Tech Talk here. Become an Insider to watch his full session, "Here Be Dragons: Building Trust & Security." 


    Dave Lewis, Global Advisory CISO, Duo Security

Video Highlights

  • Building trust in applications, software and technology deployments is crucial to improving security.
  • Trust should be about granting access because you verified the users, applications and devices.
  • Business and IT leaders should look at zero trust from the perspective of users, devices and applications.