Mar 04 2021

CDW Tech Talk: Strategies to Maximize Your Infrastructure

Automation is often the word that comes to mind when talking about infrastructure — and with good reason, given the many benefits of artificial intelligence. However, as this CDW Tech Talk session highlights, AI requires an uphill climb for many companies. There’s also an important role for humans in one specific aspect of infrastructure: security. Check out the full session here, and register for next week's webcast here.


    Manoj Suvarna, Category Business Lead, High-Performance Computing & AI (North America), HPE

    Gabriel Whalen, Manager, Information Security Solutions Practice, CDW

    Keara Dowd, Editor, BizTech; Host, CDW Tech Talk Series

Video Highlights

  • The area of artificial intelligence is quickly growing, as many manual tasks have the potential to be automated.
  • However, AI is seen as difficult to implement by many organizations. A good approach is to go slowly.
  • Security, an area often reliant on automation, could itself benefit from more of a human touch.