Feb 18 2021

CDW Tech Talk: Meeting the Moment with Shifting Workflows

Businesses found success turning on a dime during the pandemic, but maintaining that success requires a rethinking of workflows and infrastructure. In this video from the CDW Tech Talk series, officials from VMware and CDW ServiceNow solutions lay out the steps necessary to ensure businesses keep pace with the times. Insiders can find the full webcast here. See full coverage of the series here.


    Tim Ancona, Vice President, ServiceNow Solutions, CDW

    Mike Hulme, Senior Director, Cloud Product Marketing, VMware

    Richard Munro, Director, Global Cloud Strategy, VMware

Video Highlights

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to think of new ways to work. Many have found success.
  • Trying to continue those work patterns long-term requires more in-depth infrastructure work.
  • Improved cloud infrastructure and employee-tailored applications will help businesses get there.